So you all know what apps are those cool icons on your phone that you can use to connect to people and businesses well. what if I could show you how an app can get your customers to frequent your business more often build. loyalty to your business and make more money on slow days. Sparows A mobile app development company. our apps are designed for small businesses our goal is to help you boost your business and get your customers to become loyal regulars of your business. if you’re a restaurant retail stores salon or whatever your industry and care about converting customers into regulars.

you need to think like this scenario Mikey gets a cup of coffee every afternoon and there are two coffee shops. each within walking distance both average joe’s and smart coffee have equal quality and service. so every day Mike randomly chooses which one to go to then a smart coffee gets an answer back with a loyalty card feature. Mike now has a huge incentive to go to smart coffee every day. because on Friday he’ll get a free cup of coffee and only a few clicks on a smart coffee app Mike is rewarded for his loyalty. what do you think Mike’s favorite coffee shop is now another exciting feature of a Mobile app is the ability to instantly communicate with customers, like mine via his phone today is a rainy day and both coffee shops are empty average joe’s coffee is left waiting for customers, but smart coffee sends out a push notification from their app to all of their customers, Mike as well as smart coffees other customers get notified on their phone and braved the rain for some free coffee and purchase a sandwich at the same time in a matter of minutes. the smart coffee slow day is now a busy one those are just a few examples of how smart coffee is using their app to help. their business look at all of the other available features on smart coffee’s app.


that’s a lot of features let’s talk about brandy the average person like Mike checks his phone over 200 times. a day that’s 200 times every day Mike can see smart coffees phone icon this conditions his brain to think about smart coffee. when he thinks smart coffee he buys smart coffee let’s face it our phones have almost become our world by downloading smart coffees app smart coffee has become part of Mike’s world. average joe did not don’t be an average Joe be smart and become part of your customers world to have an app built for your business at an amazing price click Click Contact us page or talk to your sales agent